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Syracuse Mold Removal

Syracuse NY Mold Removal, Mold Testing & Mold Prevention

Free Mold Estimate*

If you suspect a mold problem, contact us for a Free Mold Estimate*. We use state-of-the-art technology that can determine quickly and accurately if mold is present with no disturbance to your property. We will provide you with a free estimate* upon completion of the visual analysis. Air and/or surface testing are not included, but we will be glad to provide these services upon request for an additional charge.

Mold Remediation

What does the Mold Remediation Contractor do?

The remediation contractor does the actual cleanup work. They must give you a mold remediation work plan. The work plan must fulfill all the requirements of the mold remediation plan developed through the assessment.

Hiring a Mold Professional

What should I know before hiring a mold professional?

As is true with all construction projects, the most important step is choosing your contractor. Contact more than one contractor for all work to
be performed.
• For Mold Assessment: Make sure each contractor comes to the job site and bids on the same work. Before any work starts, you should have a clear understanding of the scope of work and the services the contractor will provide. You should understand and agree with the mold assessor’s remediation plan for acceptable work scope and job clearance. This may include sampling, recommended use of biocides or other chemicals, replacement of materials, and criteria to demonstrate clearance after the cleanup.
• For Mold Remediation: The work plan must fulfill all the requirements of the mold remediation plan developed through the assessment. The work plan should also have specific instructions and/or standard operating procedures for how the contractor will perform the cleanup work.


Comprehensive Mold Management gladly services Syracuse, NY and other surrounding areas including East Syracuse, Liverpool, North Syracuse, Fayetteville, Camillus, Cicero, Manlius, Clay, Baldwinsville and others. We look forward to serving you and answering any questions you may have.