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If you suspect a mold problem, contact us for a Free Mold Estimate*. We use state-of-the-art technology that can determine quickly and accurately if mold is present with no disturbance to your property. We will provide you with a free estimate* upon completion of the visual analysis. Air and/or surface testing are not included, but we will be glad to provide these services upon request for an additional charge.

Mold is Year Round in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is known for having extremes on both ends when it comes to the seasons. It is know for it's winters, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. However, during the summer it is hot and humid. Regardless of the season both pose opportunities for mold growth to occur.
Mold During Winter

During the winter months in Buffalo, NY mold tends to become even more of an issue. In the winter, warm air rises into attics where it meets under the roof causing condensation which is the perfect home for mold. Mold thrives in moist and warm areas where a food source is present such as wood an organic material.  Therefore, proper insulation between the attic and living areas are crucial. If there is a problem it needs to be addressed right away to make sure your home is healthy and safe for you and your family.

Throughout the cold months windows are not usually open, which creates condensation to collect indoors on windows and walls, once again creating an optimal area for mold to grow. Homes become more tightly sealed and when the heat is turned on the warm air is unable to escape. In kitchens and bathrooms steam accumulates from showering and dishwashers and tend to be two problem areas in homes. It is imperative to have proper ventilation in these areas of the home as well to prevent mold growth. 

The winter outdoor environment is more conducive for spore activity to be higher as well. Keep your family warm and safe during the winter months. We can answer any of your seasonal or general mold questions, please feel free to call us at 716-225-5917.

Mold During Summer

During the summer in Buffalo, mold growth is caused by different reasons than during the winter. Temperature also affects mold growth. Different types of mold have minimum, optimum and maximum temperature ranges for growth. Most mildew thrives at temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees F, therefore summer conditions will encourage mildew growth. Air conditioning will reduce the interior temperatures of homes; however, these temperatures may not be consistently low enough to stop mildew growth if the air is fairly humid. It may be warmer in areas within cabinets and closets or behind draperies. Humidity will be trapped unless the doors are left ajar for improved ventilation.

In addition, warm air can hold more moisture than cool air. For example, air at 80 degrees F can hold twice as much moisture as air at 60 degrees F. If air in a house was 60 degrees F and saturated with moisture (100 percent RH), and then was heated to 80 degrees F without a change in moisture, the RH would be about 50 percent.

Make sure to check your home for mold growth throughout the summer months. If you find mold growth or are concerned about an area in your home, make sure to call a professional to come out and evaluate it for you. 

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