CMM in Action

Comprehensive Mold Management not only takes care of the mold removal, but all of the construction services required.

This is a customer's basement where we conducted the mold removal and the necessary construction work in order to correct the moisture issue as well.

 Basement Wall with Mold

This is a photo of the mold growth on the walls prior to beginning the work.

 Drain Tile

We began by excavating out the old drain tile and excavating the old sump pump crock.

 Negative Air

Next, we installed a new sump pump crock and set up negative air and containment.

Drill Weep Holes

We drilled weep holes to relieve the water pressure in the block. Notice the water spewing from the holes.


Scraping Walls Spraying Anti-Microbial 

After that, we sprayed an anti-microbial to kill the mold. Then, we removed the mold by scraping and wirebrushing it off of the wall.

Laying Gravel Laying Concrete

We filled the trench with pea gravel and then topped it off with 2 1/2" of concrete, creating the floating slab.

HEPA Vacuuming Apply Mold Proof Coating

We HEPA vacuumed the entire basement, and put down the first coat of mold proof coating.

Spray Foam Application Weep Hole Covers

Finally, we did a spray foam application on the sill plate for insulation. We applied the final mold proof coating and put covers to divert the water from the weep holes.

Mold Removal Finished

This is the final result with the mold removed from the wall and the installation of a new utility tub.