At Comprehensive Mold Management, we believe we offer customers the best combination of mold services and pricing in the industry today. But don't just take our word for it. Here is an unsolicited sampling of what some of our former customers have to say:

I had a mold problem on two walls. they not only repaired the two walls they continued around the joining walls half way. They arrived on time and prepared the area, completed the job and cleaned up after. The two men worked hard and were courtesy. I would recommend this company for any mold situation you might have.

~Donna C. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and sending such great workers that did an awesome job.  Matt is so nice and so knowledgeable, we really enjoyed him working on our projects.  The crew that came to both projects were very professional, polite, hardworking, we couldn’t of asked for more!
Thank you again for everything!

~Jackie C. (Personal Email) 

I had 3 quotes to have the mold in my basement removed. Comprehensive was by far the most inexpensive, by thousands. They showed up when they said they would, They finished the job in the exact time stated, two and a half days. I feel like I have a brand new basement. It is cleaner than when they got there also. They even told us about a small water leak by the washing machine that we never noticed, just a small drip on the faucet. Great people to deal with and since they have an excellent warranty on their work, I probably won't need to talk to them again but if I do I know they will respond in the typical professional manner. Fabulous Job.


~Mary C. (A Rating, Angie's List)

CompMold did a thorough and excellent job, in a timely manner. Professional, friendly, helpful. They worked extremely hard, and did some extra favors for me without question. I hope I never have a mold problem again but if I do I would hire them in a nano second.


~Kathy M. (Positive Rating, BBB)

We moved into a house in October and discovered major problems with the basement a few weeks after moving in. It was an absolute nightmare situation - mold, water damage, and flooding due to drainage issues that had obviously built up over time and now we were stuck with. CMM came to our rescue, excavating the old, dilapidated pipes from under the basement (the pipes were literally falling apart - I have no idea how these pipes were doing anything) and replacing them, removing the mold, replacing wood furring that was rotted out with pressure-treated wood, removing and replacing drywall... this was a huge job, and I don't think I'm doing justice to the size of it in this review. They even rebuilt a wood enclosure that had been around the sump pump to close it off from what would be the playroom. When all was said and done it looked and felt like a brand new basement. What impressed me the most, however, was the professionalism, courtesy, and respect of the crew. We have two small kids that we needed to get out the door to school every morning, and these guys understood that. They showed up every morning, gave me a recap of what work they were going to do that day and showed me how things were coming along, and then got out of our way while we got the kids ready and off to school before they started work. At the end of each day I got a call from Jon to let me know what they had done and where they were leaving off. Great communication, and they were very considerate and respectful of our schedule to minimize any disruption to our routine. I cannot recommend CMM highly enough. If you need mold removal or waterproofing, these are the guys to call!

~Russ D. (5 Stars, Google Plus Page)

In short, the execution of the work was excellent.  To provide details:

1. We were called before each step and reminded of the dates and time – very much appreciated.
2. The workers arrived on time each of the four days as planned.
3. John, your foreman was EXCEPTIONAL! As were the workers Gary and Nick.  They answered any questions I had and fully explained the process.
4. They worked hard!  A well-organized crew; never a down moment, always working and moving from one task to another.
5. NEAT – the area was properly prepared, all debris was removed, all surfaces were cleaned.
6. The basement has never looked better.  
7. NOW, as long as the drainage work keeps the basement dry (only a heavy rainfall can assure us of that), we are extremely pleased.
8. I must once again praise John, Gary and Nick.  They were skilled workers, neat and personable.  Give them a raise, they deserve it!

~Doug D. (Personal Review)

A picture speaks a thousand words!  Enclosed are my “Before & After” photo’s.
Thank you CMM…… you are amazing!  You did exactly as promised…..contained the area, removed all the mold and not only gave me peace of mind but you also gave me a clean, bright and mold free room!  Your team was clean, neat, friendly and most professional.  I have been spreading the word…..Thank you so much!  
~Diane D.

Basement Before Basement After

Basement Mold Removal Basement Mold Removal


Hi Paul!

First of all I just wanted to say what an amazing job the crew did on our basement.  It looks and feels brand new, it doesn't have that "basement" smell anymore, and there is no sign of water or mold anywhere.  

What impressed us the most was the courtesy that the guys showed every day.  They were arriving at a time when we were trying to get our kids ready and out the door to school, and they made sure to let us know they were there, show us what they had done the previous day, but then politely stay out of the way until we had everything settled with the kids, which was a huge help.  Plus, some extra details like getting the carpet out of (and back into) that room, and even sanding down a door into the laundry room that didn't fit, which were definitely "above and beyond" what we had discussed.  I would be glad to leave you guys a glowing review - just let me know the best place to do that. 

Thanks again for everything you guys did for us! 


~Russ D.

During a recent engineering inspection for our home (which was up for sale), a small area of mold in our attic (about 8 sq ft) was noted by the inspector. We were then given the name of an independent mold specialist (I'll refer to as "MF"), who "wrote" a boiler plate, copy-and-paste report with no pictures and no specific description of the location and size of the mold area. Although the report looked sketchy, I blindly assumed I had a bad mold situation and called CMM to have the mold taken care of, and spoke with Paul. Upon hearing the name of the inspector, Paul immediately told me to not do anything until I sent him a copy of the report. Upon reading it, he told me it was WORD FOR WORD the same as a recent report he had in his hands from the same inspector for a different residence. He then suggested I contact the inspector for a refund (which I miraculously received). Paul then promptly came to my house and inspected the mold area. I was incredibly relieved to hear that since the area was less than 10 square feet, it did not need "full" remediation and encapsulation (which can cost several thousand dollars) as required by NY state if it had been over 10 sq ft. Instead, all it needed was cleaning with disinfectants, followed by a sealant. CMM did the inspection and cleaning for only $300. Bottom line -- had I not contacted CMM and spoken with Paul (who is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough), I would have never known that I didn't need full remediation/encapsulation and would have needlessly spent several thousand dollars. Stay away from "MF." Instead, contact CMM without hesitation for any mold issues you may have.

~Rich T. (5 Stars, Google Plus Page)


Unbelievable professionalism and helpfulness from the entire crew and ownership. They did everything from my attic to my basement. It was a pleasure to have them in my home. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs this type of work. 5. Star review!!!

~Terence R. (Positive Rating, BBB)

Paul and his crew from Comprehensive Mold Management were able to repair an issue that the former homeowner “covered up”. My wife and I just had a newborn so we wanted to take care of the issue and luckily came across Paul’s company. We had mold removed, weep holes drilled, walls painted, and floor painted. From the initial assessment to correcting a situation after the initial repairs, the work crew handled things very professionally. You can tell that quality and value are morals instilled in every worker. I am very happy with my basement walls and floor! I will definitely recommend this company to anyone needing this line of work in the future.

~Brandon G. (5 Stars, Google Plus Page) 

It went very well. They are busy so we had to wait, but we were given a start date that was kept. The workers were well mannered and professional and on time. We were welcome to see what they were doing. At the end of each day, we were told what had been done and why.

~Tamara K. (A Rating, Angie's List)

I had water damage in my basement due to the wind storm we had in March. We lost power for two days and the basement flooded. Mold grew on the dry wall. I didn't realize that was the only problem. It turned out there was water seeping through the cement blocks. The workers fixed the problem and transformed my basement. It looks amazing and I never have to worry about water damage again - with the lifetime guarantee! The workers were friendly and worked quickly.... and you would never know they were there. They didn't leave a speck of dust. I would highly recommend this company!

~Deanna K. (5 Stars, Google Plus Page)

I am very pleased with my experience with CMM and they work they did to remediate my flooded, moldy basement. It was urgent that work be completed ASAP, due to a chronic health condition. CMM expeditiously gave  us an estimate and was able to begin helping with remediation almost immediately. The work crew, including Gary, John and Mike, was professional and courteous, and sensitive to the fact that we were losing the majority of the contents of our basement, and suffering financial loss. They worked with us to help us determine which belongings could be salvaged. The ongoing flood we experienced was devastating and it was a tremendous relief to have courteous, hard-working professionals at the ready to help us. The work was thorough, well-done, and reasonably priced in comparison to competitors. Everyone from the owner, to the office staff, to the courteous and professional crew, were helpful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend CMM!

~Ann F. (Personal Experience Story)

Comprehensive Mold management did a cleaning and sealing of my moldy basement. They came when promised. did the job in the time they said and left a brighter cleaner basement. It inspired me to do further organization and sorting in the basement. Also my mold allergy calmed down and I stopped coughing every day. I am very happy with the job they did.

~Richard C. (Positive Rating, BBB)

Dear CMM Team,

"Thank you all for a positive experience from the first phone call to the last. Everyone I dealt with was a pleasure to work with. You should be proud of your excellent customer service and for your quality workmanship."

~Mary B. (Handwritten Note)

Very professional team. Went out of their way to try to fit me into their very busy schedule knowing what we were dealing with.  Knowledgeable and helpful staff.

~Melissa F. (Five Stars, Thumbtack)

They were very professional and did a very good job. They are in high demand because it takes a few weeks befor they can get to your job. They identified all the mold (even places we never looked) and cleaned it up for us in one day once they got in their schedule. It's expensive but it needs to be done, better safe then sorry when it comes to your families health.

~Ohnemkee S. (A Rating, Angie's List)

CMM handled our situation quickly and efficiently. they kept our house clean and when they left it was as if they had never been there (aside from the fact that our mold situation was gone). Thank you CMM for making a frustrating situation easier to deal with.

~Erin Martz (Five Stars, Facebook)

Your workers were very professional and did an outstanding job. They took pride in their work and explained each phase to us along the way. We are extremely pleased with the result. Thank you so much Gary, John, Mike and Mikel. 

~Jean and Dick S. (Handwritten Note)

We bought a 102 year old house last year, and I've had an increase in asthma issues over the winter. We talked to CMM at a home show and decided to try duct cleaning to see if it would improve the air quality. I thought we were wasting money on the service, but my wife insisted we try them. The two man crew arrived on time and got to work quickly. They seemed to be quite thorough, and worked quickly. The amount of dust and debris in the ductwork was stunning. They took care to replace all of the vent covers when they finished and clean up as much of the dust as they could before they left. The filter on their vacuum was absolutely blocked when they finished, and I saw them put a fresh one on before they started. I noticed a difference in breathing by the time they left. I had to dust and vacuum the house that day and the next to finally get the last of the debris kicked up, but after that it was a major improvement. Before they came I was on the verge of needing emergency treatment for my asthma. I needed my inhalers several times a day when I used to only need them a couple of times a week. I was also running portable air cleaners everyday, vacuuming everyday and using an allergy rated filter on our heater, and it was still getting worse. After the cleaning I'm now back to normal, and only vacuuming a couple of times a week. They made me a believer in duct cleaning. It made a massive difference in air quality in our house and I will use them again in 3-4 years as recommended.

~Randy M. (A Rating, Angie's List)

CMM did a great job. We had a situation that was going down a bad path and Paul and his team came in and saved us. Our house, built in 1992, has a shower leak that got into the drywall and started a mold problem that spread inside the wall beyond the shower area. CMM came in, took care of the mold, tore out the shower, replaced everything with great results. Even though we gave minimal direction on the materials to use, the end result was exactly what we hoped for. CMM even upgraded our ceiling fan and caught an issue with the way the fan roof vent was run. CMM is going to be our first choice when we look at remodeling other bathrooms because not only do they do great finish work, they would be ready for any surprises along the way.

~Ken E. (A Rating, Angie's List)

They did an excellent job. It was really a dirty nasty situation and I was thrilled with the results.

~Natalie J. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Excellent. Very pleased with their work, price and professionalism. One of the very best companies we have worked with. Probably will use them for another project soon. 

~Thomas J. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Great experience with everyone we worked with at Comprehensive Mold Management. Nate did a very professional and neat job at our location.

~Paul C. (Positive Rating, BBB)

CMM did an excellent job! The basement looks wonderful. Clean shiny white walls. Ugly black mold /water stains gone. The gentlemen who did the work were on time, professional, and really did a great job. They covered and taped up the surrounding areas, worked quickly and were very through. They had to work in awkward spaces and very unpleasant conditions, and did it with a great attitude. My basement is now a place the kids aren't afraid to spend time in, wished I had done it years ago...

~Rose G. (A Rating, Angie's List)

My name is Joe and two weeks before Christmas I had water damage in my basement. I called around to a few companies to get quotes I'm taking care of mold that had been there for quite a while. Comprehensive mold management was one of the companies that came and gave me an estimate. Their response time and educated information was extremely professional and helpful. I had them do the work in my basement and I am more than pleased to say the absolute least. I would recommend comprehensive mold management and I actually already have. Thank you very much to Paul and the crew that came over to complete the work in a very timely fashion and extremely professional, thank you again.

~Joseph C. (Positive Rating, BBB)

Very pleasant experience. Had a nasty mold problem in the basement. Their people were knowledgeable, hard working and respectful.

~Frank C. (Positive Rating, BBB)

l was very pleased by the professionalism of Mr. Russell Vent. He was very helpful and cleared up all my concerns and informed me of what action to take in the the matters we discussed. l applaud this Gentleman. He represents his company with distinction.

~James B. (Positive Rating, BBB)

CMM, LLC completed our basement mold removal this week. The young workers were very pleasant and listened when we had requests . The results are thoroughly satisfactory. Care was taken with the wall coating applications and this is greatly appreciated.

~Arline C. (Positive Rating, BBB)

They are incredible. It's just been a very very good experience. They were clean. They were on time. Their employees were out of this world. They were very prompt in coming over. They have a person that is certified with the state now that can test for mold. So that person comes along with them now. They had given my name with my permission to others that were thinking of using their services. I did speak with a lot of customers, I assured them that if they hired them they would get professionalism and it would be carried out properly.

~Georgia U. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Outstanding. The statement of work was very clear and explained in detail, the workers were on time on the dates specified, and the quality of the job was outstanding, it looks better than when the room was brand new. They were extremely thorough in the job itself as well as the cleanup afterward. HIGHLY recommended.

~Bill C. (A Rating, Angie's List & Positive Rating, BBB)

We had a problem with mold in the crawlspace of our house and CMM came out to assess the problem and within the day had a quote and a solution. It took them 2 days to remediate the mold and the whole time they were quick, professional, and pleasant to deal with. They even found other damage we were not aware of and provided us with the name and number of someone that could help us. Great experience and would recommend them to anyone!

~Jessica S. (5 Star Rating, Thumbtack)

Mold removal from attic crawl space. Very tight space to work in (no standing up). Excellent work, neat workers, cleaned out mold from between roof rafters and sealed the plywood underlayment. Installed new roof vent fan. Removed old vent fan. One day to do all work.

~Stephen F. (5 Star Rating, Thumbtack)

I was very pleased as the owner of the company came and did a thorough check and found no mold. The owner was very personable and very professional and has an excellent record with the Better Business Bureau.

~Linda Anderson (A Rating, Angie's List)

The staff were all polite and professional. The crew, owner/estimator, and office staff all were friendly and willing to answer all of my questions. They made going through the process easy. They provide a guarantee that the mold won't come back.

~Jeremy Bullock (A Rating, Angie's List)

From start to finish, Comprehensive Mold Mgt was very professional, courteous, and punctual. We had a home visit and free estimate for mold in the attic.  A mold remediation plan was presented at the time of visit with an estimate in writing.  The whole process was well explained and all questions answered.  On the day of the remediation, the team showed up on time, spend several minutes explaining the process, and was very polite and professional.  The process took less than estimated, and I am very satisfied with the work.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing their services.  All around great experience!

~Greg S. (A Rating, Angie's List)

I want to thank you for a beautiful job to clean up our mold problem.  We have lived in the house at 72 Hemlock Woods Lane for 50 years.  Within 5 years we had a ring of mold on the concrete blocks around the basement and it stayed that way for all the years we lived there.  We called your company based on advertisements we read in public media and on the recommendation of Sharon Quataert, who is selling our house.  The job that the crew did looks beautiful. They were polite, on time, hard working and neat.  The crew we had was a great credit to your company and we would recommend your company to other home owners that want to get mold removed.  Our basement walls look better that when the house was brand new.

Thank you for the great crew and great work.

~Stephen F.

CMM is a top notch organization that provided us with excellent service and results. They took care of our basement mold problem completely, professionally and in a timely manner. Every contact we had with each employee was a positive experience. We can't say enough good things about them and would not hesitate to use them again if needed.

~Kathy J. (5 Stars, Google Business Page)

These guy's were absolutely amazing! Ron & Matt were wonderful, explaining each step, showing me what they did, showing me the level of debris removed from the returns & ducts..... their level of professionalism & belief in their work...their company, is exemplary. They really know how to put the 'WE' in teamwork too! I highly recommend Comprehensive Mold Management & will definitely call on them again!

~Rosemarie S. (5 Stars, Facebook)

Comprehensive Mold Management is a very professional and competent organization from top to bottom. Everything they said they would do, they did in a very thorough and safe manner. They showed up on time to review our situation and provided a quote in a timely manner. They scheduled our work for a time convenient to us and gave us a reminder call beforehand. The office staff is helpful and friendly and assisted us with necessary paperwork. The work staff arrived as scheduled, reviewed with us everything they would do, answered all our questions and did the job exactly as promised. We could not be happier. The difference in our basement is amazing, literally the difference between night and day. If we did not have our air ducts cleaned this past year, we would now be scheduling that work with CMM.

~Tom J. (Positive Rating, BBB)

Paul and his team is honest, dependable, and prompt. They are flexible in scheduling their appointments, and are true to their word when it comes to what work needs to be done. They are reasonably priced and are excellent at what they do. I have, and will continue to recommend them to others.

~Jessica I. (5 Stars, Facebook)

"Worry no more!" That is a direct quote from Paul Wagner, owner of Comprehensive Mold Management. What a relief were those words after enduring an ever-increasing moldy odor in our basement. Then he went to work ... diagnosing the problem, preparing a plan of action, and then setting his well-trained professionals to work.

The plan involved drilling out the drainage trench around the perimeter of the basement, drilling weep holes in the cement blocks, and waterproofing/sealing all the basement walls. Further investigation revealed a need to replace the drainage tiles, crock and the sump pump. Needless to say, the work raised a good deal of dust and grime, but again, the crew did their best to keep the area clean. This company, from owner to office staff to workers, deserve high praise and a strong recommendation!  

If one could call a basement sweet-smelling, ours is! Thank you, Paul and company.

Joan L. & Mary Anne L.

I recently had CMM treat my basement and remove the mold that had built up over time. I also had them spray foam insulation above the cement blocks and clean out my air ducts. I’m very pleased with the work they did and with my interactions with them. Paul certainly knows his stuff and let me know what CMM could do for me. I had three of CMM’s competitors give me estimates too, and they all wanted more money to do what would have been overkill for my house’s situation. Rob, the team leader, was very personable. Each of the 3 days they were there, he explained in the morning what part of the job was happening that day (as well as future days) and made sure that he answered any questions I had. Likewise, at the end of each work day he let me know how everything went and again made sure my questions were answered. It was clear that he cares about serving his customers well. The rest of his crew was also courteous and professional and cleaned up after themselves each day. Also, it was a pleasure to talk with Jackie whenever I called the office. She’s friendly, helpful, and professional! Now my basement looks great, a big change from what it looked like before CMM came! I would highly recommend them, and I already have!

~Sue D. (Positive Rating, BBB)

My wife and I were impressed by the professionalism by all the members of the CMM team. Paul was able to clearly explain the cause of the mold problem and the steps necessary to remediate the problem. The estimate provided was lower than some of the other contractors we talked to. The crew doing the work conducted themselves in a professional manner and took the time to keep us informed of their prgress during the 2 days they spent in our home. Thank you Rob,Ron & Mike. I would recommend CMM.

~John M. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Paul Wagner conducted the initial estimate. He explained the process and was able to quickly schedule the work.  The guys who completed the work were there on time and did a great job.  My husband and I are really satisfied with the work product and the warranty.  The process from start to finish was very professional.   Thanks again to Jackie and Paul Wagner for a great experience.

~Tanya B. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Very professional service. Very fair price, job performed above and beyond expectations. Would recommend them to anyone who needs mold remediation!

~Heather W. (A Rating, Angie's List)

After last years very harsh winter in Rochester, NY our home sustained some water damage on many of the ceilings. My husband and I decided to have the roof looked at even though it was only eight years old. We had a total of three companies come out to our home to assess the problem. They all found that our attic was never insulated properly, but also found black mold on all the plywood. I had one company tell me it was no big deal and I could just leave it alone and not worry about it, and one said the problem was so severe that all the roofing and plywood needed to be replaced on the entire roof. Paul Wagner from CMM came to my house and gave me a detailed assessment of the work that needed to be done to take care of the mold and ventilation issues in my attic. He took the time to explain how they would do the remediation of the mold, prevent it from coming back, and that it would have a lifetime warranty as long as we owned the house. After getting all three quotes we knew that we had to go with CMM. 

On 1/4/2016 Nate and Dan from CMM arrived right on time at 8 am. They worked all day on the 4th and 5th trying to complete the work, but because of the cold weather had to come back a third day. When they finished at the end of each day you couldn't even tell they were there. They kept my house very clean. They also kept me up to date with their progress. On the third day they were nice enough to accommodate my schedule and come back in the evening so I wouldn't have to take off from work. They were very efficient, neat and professional. 

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Comprehensive Mold Management. I recommend this Company 100%. 

~Mary M. (A Rating, Angie's List)

The company was very easy to deal with. The work was done well and professionally by polite, thorough, efficient employees. I love my new basement walls!

~Suzanne C. (A Rating, Angie's List)

We recently had fairly extensive work completed in our basement/crawl space, along with our attic. Paul who gave the estimate and coordinated the work to be completed was helpful and always quick to answer the many questions I had throughout the process. The crew that completed the work was professional and the work was completed correctly with no issues and in a timely fashion. We would highly recommend CMM to family and friends.

~Randy M. (Positive Review, BBB)

My basement had a heavy amount of mold on walls and ceiling rafters. Paul Wagner provided me with clear and concise information on what needed to be done to clean-up and what I would need to do to keep my basement dry. His team was extremely professional. They completed the job in time-frame required and left the basement immaculate. I am sorry I didn't take care of this years ago!! And I want to mention how well I was treated by the office staff whenever I had a question. The option for 0% financing was also an added benefit. Thanks so much to Paul Wagner and his team!!

~Mary N. (A Rating, Page of Happiness Nominee, Angie's List)

From my first meeting with Paul through the end of the process I knew every step of the way what was going on, when something was going to happen and if we had any questions they were answered timely. Everyone from Paul, the girls in the office and the guys working in our home were always polite and courteous. If we were schedule for 8 o'clock I knew they guys would be in my house working by 8 am. not showing up after 8 am. The two guys that worked on our home throughout the process worked very hard, neatly and always kept us in the loop of what was going on. What started out as a water/mold issued turned into some plumbing and some remodeling. Paul worked with us through every phase to ensure we were taken care of. He referred a plumber who we had the same experiences with that we had with CMM. (AP Plumbing) I highly recommend CMM and Paul for any home work needed.  Thanks again Paul and the entire CMM Team!

~Robert D. (5 Stars, Google Business Page)

Dear Mr. Wagner,

Enclosed is the remaining payment for the work completed in the basement of our home. The three young men doing the work were very professional. We experienced minimal disruption during the work and very pleased with the results.

With the elimination of the black mold, I am looking forward to a lessening of my allergy and sinus symptoms. When I looked at the brochure listing common health symptoms caused by mold, I was the poster child. 

We certainly would recommend your company to anyone needs such service. Thank you to all involved. 

~Joyce B.

I told them more than once, they were the best contractors we've hired in this area yet. They were responsive, respectful, the work they did was beautiful. Everything they did was above and beyond what was quoted to us. And icing on the cake, they cleaned the floor behind them each day as they walked out. It as always spotless. We are planning on hiring them again to do our attic and add some insulation. Thanks again!

~Shane P. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Rob  & Dan were so kind & professional. 

They kept me informed of procedure & what I should expect.
They also made me confident that all was being done to correct the issue.
It was a pleasure having them work at my house.
Great guys!

I was very happy & impressed with Comprehensive Mold Co.
The employees from original phone call to the work crew treated me with kindness & respect.
Very courteous & professional.

Thank you,

~Olga W.

CMM came to our rescue. We sold our house and the inspection revealed mold in our attic. Paul Wagner came to our home the evening we called him and gave us a fair estimate and dates of completion. We were under a time crunch to have the work done before the closing. Paul's team actually did the work about 2 weeks earlier than originally scheduled. The guys were courteous and careful of our home. They did a great job and tidied up nicely when done. We have already recommended CMM to our friends.
~Joyce H. (Positive Review, BBB)
From their arrival on Thursday morning until they finished the job on Friday afternoon their only concern was completion of the job to our complete satisfaction. Jay and Dan put down drop clothes and plastic to fully protect the floors and carpets and then sealed the room used for access to the attic. The first day (Thursday) was spent neutralizing the existing mold with a spray neutralizer. They then applied 2 coats of an encapsulating spray paint to the entire underside of the roof. On the second day (Friday) they installed baffling to all of the bays in the attic and spread the existing insulation around to completely cover all of the holes in the insulation. After that was completed they blew in 13 bundles of insulation to add 4 plus inches to the entire attic space. Jay and Dan then cleaned everything they touched and vacuumed from the attic access room backwards through the living room down the stairs through the basement to their truck. When they left it was as if they had never been here. It was a real pleasure having Jay and Dan here doing the work they had to do. They always had a smile and positive attitude even after crawling around for 2 and 1/2 hours in the existing insulation. I was very apprehensive about the job but the apprehension soon left after meeting with the owner Paul Wagner and Jay and Dan.
~Timothy K. (A Rating, Page of Happiness Nominee, Angie's List)
When deciding who to contact regarding the mold problem in our basement, we started by reading website reviews. CMM by far had the best reviews. Paul came over, answered all our questions and gave us a quote. His knowledge and professionalism sealed the deal.

For five full cold days in January, the crew was punctual, polite, professional and above all extremely hardworking (such grueling work). Every day, the project supervisor updated us on their progress and what they were doing. From beginning to end they exceeded our expectations. 

Thank you CMM for turning our moldy, dingy dungeon of a basement into a bright white, sparkling clean, fresh-smelling place we can once again inhibit!
~Norma and Bill H. 
We got 5 quotes for the work in our basement, ranging from approximately $2000 on up to $14,000. Three companies (EverDry, Frank's, and Crawford) wanted to jackhammer our basement and install entirely new drainage, to the tune of $10K+. Paul said that wasn't necessary, and we appreciated his honesty. His work even comes with a guarantee! The other company, Healthy Spaces, was in Paul's price range, but never actually gave us their written estimate.

Paul and his fellow workers were very easy to work with, communicating at the in-home estimate in person with one of us, over the phone and email with both of us. I really appreciate this, as some companies have some ridiculous policy of insisting husband and wife are both home for the estimate--look, we both work full-time, and my hours are NOT flexible! Paul answered questions outside of office hours via email very quickly.

When the gentlemen arrived, they were all business. They answered any questions we had and were very polite. The estimate was for 2.5 days of work, and they literally left at 11:59AM the third day. They were very professional, we were impressed by the way they "swept themselves out." They put down a drop cloth covering the entire pathway from our doorstep to the basement, so they never left any additional dirt. They left the basement WAY cleaner than they found it--yay for no more cobwebs in the rafters! Bonus! They accidentally left a can of paint and a brush, but I certainly won't complain about that!
Look, no one wants mold anywhere, and no one wants to have to deal with it, but this company was a pleasure to do business with.

PS We definitely experienced scare tactics with some of the companies, especially EverDry. They're also very persistent, I had to block the number because they were calling 2x/day. Franks was incredibly pushy, and left aggressive voicemails. Again, let me say Paul of CMM was a pleasure to work with.

~Heather W. (A Rating, Page of Happiness Nominee, Angie's List)

Dear Paul,

Thank you for the prompt time and effort you and your crew have spent working with us in the past and most recent job. We are pleased with the Foam Insulation that was applied to the porch and living room walls. Hopefully this will keep the rodents and moisture out! If we ever have a problem again, we would not hesitate to call CMM. Your professionalism and pride in the crew that you sent to our home means so much. Thanks again Paul for putting us at ease and helping to get our home life back together. Also a very special thank you to your receptionists: Maija, Jackie, and Lisa for their kind and courteous manner each and every time we called. They represent your company well! We will continue to recommend CMM to our family and friends.

~Mary & Joseph D. 

Our basement in just two days went from mold and disgusting to Clean and Mold-Free Fabulous. The whole friendly team from start to finish was sincerely top notch.

They truly delivered and we got the results we asked for. It was a pleasure to do business with CMM professionals.

~Cathy & Mike L.

Paul, Jackie, and the entire crew,

We are thrilled with your service and the work you did.  You arrived on time,
you worked nonstop till the job was finished, you remediated every square inch you
were contracted to do, and you left the area spotless.

Also, we like that you are local, and selected you for that reason.  We feel you have 
more invested in your work and -- most important -- what we think of your work.  

Finally, we appreciated that you honored your warranty by touching up a few areas
(remediated a while back) that needed a little attention -- at no cost.  

We both highly recommend CMM.

~Anne and Rich P.

I can't emphasize enough how pleased my wife and I are with your company. Right from the day you estimated the job we could tell you truly had our best interests at heart - you explained how other companies weren't concerned about the mold problem; they just wanted to do more work than was necessary just to make extra money off us! The quality of the work and the professionalism of your workers (Johnny and Jay, if I remember correctly) was top-notch. And how can you argue with a lifetime no-mold guarantee? Highly recommend!

~Paul M. (5 Stars, Google Business Page)

I would highly recommend CMM for your Mold issues. From the owner to the office staff to the men that came to the house, everyone was kind and professional. Everything promised was delivered and all the problems that prompted us to call were eliminated. They treated our home and family with a lot of respect. The Basement looks better than it has ever looked and the mold issues are gone.

~Pete B. (Positive Review, BBB)
The team showed up on time for the job. They set up a negative air system and we had no dust or fumes in the house and they were incredibly professional. The job was quoted at 3 days and was complete in 2.5. They were a little pricier than some other companies but they were professional and I felt good about the work being done and done with quality.
~Justin S. (A Rating, Angie's List)
Contacted Mold Management to check out the house after finding a damp smell in the basement. Paul came over promptly and did a complete walk through checking everywhere. When he was done he found the only problem was in the bath off the master bedroom. He gave us a price to have everything removed down to the studs and all of the material hauled away. We agreed to the price which was reasonable. They also offered no interest financing. They were flexible with their scheduling and worked around appointments we already had. The morning the work was to be done, the two workers showed up promptly at 7:45AM, introduced themselves, and went to work. Drop cloths were laid down to prevent tracking. They worked steadily and by 2PM had the work completed. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone who has a mold problem. Their pricing is fair, their workers efficient and neat, they do what they say they will in a professional manner.
~Mark B. (5 Stars, Google Business Page)
The team arrived right on schedule and worked steadily through the day and returned the next day to finish as was planned. They hauled away all debris, as there was moldy wood from the old pantry that needed to be removed. They mopped every surface down and left it clean and fresh. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend them.

~Florence T. (A Rating, Page of Happiness Nominee, Angie's List)

Workers arrived within the hour they said they would. They explained what they had to do. The work was performed and completed in one day and we are very happy with the results. I felt the cost was fair based on what they had to do (remove molded drywall and pull back carpet, spray area to kill mold, replace vapor barrier which had been installed incorrectly years ago, replaced the drywall with the green type. Did the taping and the prepped the surface for painting, retacked carpet to strips). The area was left very clean. We would recommend them and use them again if we had to.

~Lance M. (A Rating, Angie's List)


The crew you sent was great. They were friendly and courteous and did a great job, and were more than patient with me checking the nooks and crannies at the top of the blocks which in many cases were impossible to see and difficult to reach. They had to swap tanks for the last 1 or 2 spots and did it like true professionals. I will provide some online feedback on the social sites.

They just made it happen. I'm sorry you had to send the crew back to finish the other part of the wall by the garage, which was blocked from their access by my equipment before. At least you had the extra work for doing the top of the block.
You might take this level of professional behavior for granted, or at a minimum, you set this expectation with your folks, but I can tell you that based on two other contractors who did work for us recently, we are delighted to finally have the appropriate level of behavior from the crew. 


~Terry L.

What an amazing job.... the entire ( basement) space looks & smells fantastic. What a wonderful, healthy upgrade to my home. Thanks to the crew of great guys who do this yuckky,(hazardous & tedious) work: 
Hard working, professional, courteous & all around the BEST REPRESENTATIVES any company could wish for. 
I have many positive things to say about CMM and PAUL. 

Thanks again, 

~Donna V.

CMM's teams are knowledgeable, neat, respectable and take pride in their work. Great Job, Highly Recommended!!

~Carol B. (5 Stars, Facebook)

My parents had fallen behind in home maintenance tasks over the years, and ended up with serious mold in their basement.  I contacted Comprehensive Mold Management and scheduled an appointment within days.  Paul, the owner, appraised the damage and thoroughly described the work they would do.  I was able to sign the contract and put down a deposit electronically--how convenient!  The work crew arrived on time on the appointed day.  They were very polite and respectful to my mother and me.  I am amazed at the job they did!  I've never seen that basement so clean.  I highly recommend Comprehensive Mold Management.

~Mary Ellen C. (A Rating, Angie's List)

Dave arrived on time, looked over the situation, explained clearly what needed to be done, answered all my questions. Crew arrived on time, went right to work, showed me the results. Sold home and realtors were very pleased that we had used professionals and felt that the job done would appease any buyers who might have concerns regarding mold.

~Jeanne H. (A Rating, Angie's List)

It could not have gone better. They are professional and qualified from start to finish...from receptionist, to owner/assessor, to mold remediation crew. Every option was addressed, every move was explained and the job was done to our complete satisfaction. We had mold in the rafters of our home and it was treated, coated (with a 5 year guarantee of no recurrence) and baffles were installed to allow proper airflow and deter the growth of future mold. Not only was the crew efficient, they were polite, informative and left the house and garage spotless. The owner followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the job. Big "YES" there! We would not hesitate to recommend this company to family and friends. 

~Mark D. (A Rating, Angie's List)

I was impressed with Jack and his crew. They were courteous and professional. 

~Betty Ann H. (5 Stars, Facebook)


We are beyond satisfied with the work that your team did on our basement.  I feel like we didn't realize quite how bad the "mold smell" had gotten in our house until we couldn't smell it anymore!!  We are so excited to actually have a useable storage area in our basement now. 
I also wanted to mention that your team was very courteous.  For part of the time that they were here on Friday my 2-year-old son was home and running around the living room.  We mentioned to them to please leave the basement door closed any time they came up or down to ensure that he did not try to run down the stairs, and from that moment on they were extremely conscientious about keeping that door closed.  It was a small detail but very much appreciated by the parents of a toddler. 
I would like to mail you a check for our remaining balance if that is okay.  Can I mail it to the 291 Buell Road address that is on the invoice, and should be it marked to anyone's attention? 
Thank you again for your outstanding work. 


~Russ D.

Two weeks ago we had mold remediation completed in our basement by Comprehensive Mold Management. From the first home inspection to the completion of the work, I met with knowledgeable and courteous employees. They reported at the time scheduled, performed the work as described, which was the removal of mold on walls and around the floor ,and cleaned up the area as they went. All work was completed on time with no interruption of daily life. The chemicals they used were properly vented as this was a concern of mine because my husband has COPD. He showed no signs of distress at all. I would recommend Comprehensive Mold Management to anyone who needs this service.

~Georgia U. (A Rating, Angie's List)

I would recommend CMM to anyone who needed these services provided. The entire crew was very professional and friendly. It took 3 days to complete the work as they had originally planned. After I came home from work the first day, I would have never known anyone was in my house working. They cleaned up so thoroughly which was great b/c I have a 2 year old who sleeps in the room next to where the work was being done. I felt completely comfortable that things were sealed up as they should be and was not dirty at all. I even got a recommendation to get my gutters cleaned as they were up there and saw them pretty clogged while installing the vents in the attic. I appreciated it very much as we are not 'handy' people! Obviously, the high cost is not fun, but I did not even bother getting a second opinion as CMM came so highly recommended and I thought Paul was very efficient when he came to do our estimate. Well worth the money to have it done correctly!

~Nicole T. (A Rating, Angie's List)

 "CMM came to our home, contained the area, and got rid of our mold problem. We were very pleased with the quality of work and the professionalism that they provided. I feel much better now that my family is free of the mold."

~ J. Crowley


Thank you for taking care of our mold issue (in our bedroom). The room is newly painted and the new carpet is installed.  Aside from our expense you would not know there was an issue!!  I enclosed a photo.
Plus, we now have peace of mind that we are no longer exposed to mold either in the master bedroom or basement. We hope to never have the need to call you again!!


~David & Kathleen C.


I don’t normally write e-mails like this one but in this case I feel that I have to. Your folks completed the mold remediation and insulation work in our attic this morning and I have to tell you that of all the people that have done work in this house over the last 37 years that I have owned it, these guys were the best. They showed up on time, were very polite and considerate, and most importantly did what seemed to be a messy job in an incredibly neat way. If it weren’t for the hit to my credit card, I wouldn’t have known that anyone had done work in my house. 
Please feel free to pass this comment on to them, with my thanks and appreciation. 

~Jim B.

Hi Paul -

I just called in our credit card payment to Jackie.  I also wanted to tell you what a great job the guys did. Not only was the work done well, but they took the time to explain everything they did, and answered all our questions. They were also very professional & courteous, and you could tell they took a lot of pride in their work.


~Mark C.

Thanks, Paul. 

We really appreciate the job you've done.
The men who did the work were first rate, and the result has been magnificent. 


~Mark B.

Did I mention the basement looks amazing now?  Even if I did, it deserves mentioning again. :)
Thanks so much!

~ Darice A.

Thanks so much, Paul. The difference in air quality is noticeable immediately and the basement looks great.

All the Best,

~Liam M.

We couldn't be happier with the results! The men who worked in our house were professional & friendly!

Thank you,

~Mary & Greg V.

Hi Paul,

The basement looks GREAT!  We are VERY impressed with how clean it is!  Your guys were most informative and knowledgeable!  Please pass on our satisfaction to them with a "job well done".
Again..great work!  We WILL be recommending you to friends and relatives!

~Glenn & Marilyn C.


I want you to know how happy we are with the wonderful job Jack and his helper did eliminating the mold issue in our bathroom shower. I was able to speak with Jack when I arrived home from work the first day of the project. He explained what had been done that day and what work was to follow. He was very professional, friendly, and reassuring. I was so impressed by how clean the bathroom looked when they finished the project. Pretty amazing!! The tiles are beautiful and I am so proud to show off the great work done by your company. 

Thank you Paul for all the great work you've done for us. I truly appreciate your integrity and reliability. 
Thank you again.

~Mary B.

"We were moving out of town on a job transfer. Mold was discovered in our attic during a home inspection. Paul Wagner took care of all aspects of the job. Correcting the moisture issue, removing the mold and installing new insulation, all while we were out of town! I highly recommend CMM"

~ N. Bulka 

I looked at several options for remediating the mold in our attic crawlspace. I chose Paul Wagner because of his reputation, honesty, and low-key approach to dealing with me as a customer. The work was done on-time, on budget, and as promised. With Paul, there are no surprises. He delivered both photos and test results that confirmed the job was complete. I have already recommended Comprehensive Mold Management to family members.

~ Doug E. 

My daughter has had the best summer we've experienced in three years. I am hopeful she will continue to get better from here on out. Thanks for all of your help to get us on the right track and, remember, just because there isn't A LOT of mold (as was the case in our house, which you rated a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10) that doesn't mean it isn't making people sick. I hope you can use our example to help other people dealing with similar situations.

~ T. Anderson

I recently had CMM treat my basement and remove the mold that had built up over time. I also had them spray foam insulation above the cement blocks and clean out my air ducts. I’m very pleased with the work they did and with my interactions with them. Paul certainly knows his stuff and let me know what CMM could do for me. I had three of CMM’s competitors give me estimates too, and they all wanted more money to do what would have been overkill for my house’s situation. Rob, the team leader, was very personable. Each of the 3 days they were there, he explained in the morning what part of the job was happening that day (as well as future days) and made sure that he answered any questions I had. Likewise, at the end of each work day he let me know how everything went and again made sure my questions were answered. It was clear that he cares about serving his customers well. The rest of his crew was also courteous and professional and cleaned up after themselves each day. Also, it was a pleasure to talk with Jackie whenever I called the office. She’s friendly, helpful, and professional! Now my basement looks great, a big change from what it looked like before CMM came! I would highly recommend them, and I already have!

I was very pleased as the owner of the company came and did a thorough check and found no mold. The owner was very personable and very professional and has an excellent record with the Better Business Bureau.

~Linda Anderson (A Rating, Angie's List)



The staff were all polite and professional. The crew, owner/estimator, and office staff all were friendly and willing to answer all of my questions. They made going through the process easy. They provide a guarantee that the mold won't come back.

~Jeremy Bullock (A Rating, Angie's List)

I was very pleased as the owner of the company came and did a thorough check and found no mold. The owner was very personable and very professional and has an excellent record with the Better Business Bureau.

~Linda Anderson (A Rating, Angie's List)



The staff were all polite and professional. The crew, owner/estimator, and office staff all were friendly and willing to answer all of my questions. They made going through the process easy. They provide a guarantee that the mold won't come back.

~Jeremy Bullock (A Rating, Angie's List)