Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold removal is the second step of the remediation process. The first step is always finding and removing the causes of mold. Unless the causes are corrected, mold WILL return. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can solve a mold problem by cleaning and disinfecting areas of visible growth. They use popular bleach-based household cleaners that only wipe away surface mold while leaving behind the bio-slime that causes mold growth. It is why we see mold reappearing in our bathrooms despite repeated cleaning. Bleach products DO NOT kill mold and, therefore, is ineffective in removing it. They also do not remedy the moisture issue that is the catalyst for the mold growth. For those reasons, mold removal should never be attempted by a homeowner or handyman if the area is over 10 square feet. It is a job best performed by a licensed mold professional.


Black Mold Removal

Click to read the article Bleach Does Not Kill Mold! Many customers think that only black toxic mold is the only type of mold that is harmful, which is not accurate. Mold inside of your home is never a good thing. 

At Comprehensive Mold Management, we correct what caused the mold growth and then remove the mold. Once completed, we thoroughly HEPA-vacuum away the residual material, leaving the area clean and safe. All work is done in a confined, negative air pressure environment that prevents cross-contamination concerns. Removed debris is double-bagged and a second HEPA-vacuum cleaning is then performed to ensure the area is as clean as possible for you and your family. 

Comprehensive Mold Management is committed to providing customers with the most detailed, cost-effective inspection plan available in the industry today. We recommend remediation only when required and take only the necessary actions. We advise our customers of the process from start-to-finish in language they can understand.