Surface Sample Testing for Mold

Surface Testing

Obtaining Mold Samples

Our visual assessment will help us determine where the mold is located. We will take air samples from the affected areas to test for mold spores in the air. Sometimes a swabbing in an affected room can tell us how much mold is present as well.

Surface testing is performed to find out the amount and mold growth and spores deposited around your home. Samples are collected using swabbing, tape lifting and other methods and the samples are laboratory tested. Some home surfaces are more susceptible to the presence of mold and surface testing helps identify the affected areas.

Here are times when mold testing is advised:

• When you are purchasing a new home
• Following Flood Damage or after a Leak has been found
• If there is a strong odor but you do not visibly see mold
• Health concerns that are unexplained