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Mold Removal Services in Rochester, NY

If you have mold problems and live in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, or the surrounding areas, Comprehensive Mold Management, LLC (CMM), is here to help. We are licensed, trained, and experienced in all aspects of mold testing, remediation, and prevention. With thousands of satisfied customers, CMM has the knowledge and skills to take care of the mold in your home.

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When Mold Happens

Give CMM a call. We offer FREE* mold estimate appointments! At each appointment, we will assess the current mold situation and provide a comprehensive estimate for the cost of all remediation and what is needed to prevent reoccurrence.

Cost-Effective & Thorough Mold Remediation Services

Comprehensive Mold Management uses the latest technology to provide you with the most accurate results for locating mold. Other companies use conventional, invasive techniques that cost much more. 

Choose CMM for your local, licensed, knowledgeable mold experts for affordable, customized solutions to your mold problems.

“We had CMM work on our attic this past March. They were efficient, thorough, and reasonably priced. They have great customer service. They came to our house for an estimate within days of calling. They began work within 2 weeks. They were on time with their start and stop dates. So happy!!!”

– Kelly D.

Don’t live with mold. Contact us today for your FREE mold estimate.*

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