Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Comprehensive Mold Management sells Santa Fe Dehumidifiers. Call Comprehensive Mold Management today at 585.235.6182 for more details. Your investment in a Santa Fe free-standing energy efficient dehumidifier will not only pay you back in energy savings, but also create a more comfortable, controlled living space. Protect your home, your family and your comfort with a Santa Fe Classic. Exceeds Energy Star efficiency requirements. 

Why Purchase a Santa Fe Dehumidifier from Comprehensive Mold Management?

The manufacturer offers a 6-Year Warranty on our Santa Fe Dehumidifiers (some restrictions apply.)
Annually we provide a FREE Filter for your Santa Fe Dehumidifiers ($20 Value)
Delivery and installation is included when purchasing a Santa Fe Dehumidifier through Comprehensive Mold Management

Santa Fe dehumidifiers feature a large moisture removal coil, regenerative heat exchanger and high capacity fan, which allow the units to remove 2-3 times more moisture per kilowatt of electricity than a conventional dehumidifier. In addition, Santa-Fe dehumidifiers allow for high efficiency air filtration. All Santa-Fe units come with at least a MERV 8 filter, and most come standard with MERV 11 filtration capabilities. Santa Fe freestanding residential units are built with the same components as the company’s commercial units and as a result are able to remove up to four times more water than the units available at home improvement stores.

Santa Fe high capacity dehumidifiers are the most energy efficient on the market and are designed to effectively and quickly remove excess moisture due to flooding. The units can help maintain the structural integrity of your home, minimize mold growth, and improve the indoor air quality of the overall home by removing odor-causing moisture.

Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes up from your basement or crawlspace. This air is often higher in moisture content and carries with it various allergens and musty odors. When conditions linger above 60% relative humidity for extended periods of time, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth is stimulated. The American Lung Association, American Medical Association, and the EPA recommend maintaining relative humidity levels in the 30% - 50% range. Ventilation and air conditioning alone cannot provide the protection offered by a high capacity dehumidifier like the Santa Fe Classic.™ Protecting your family and your biggest investment is worth the best.


We offer a 6-Year Warranty on our Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier. (Some restrictions may apply).

Comprehensive Mold Management Official Dealer of Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Santa Fe Classic Features

Water Removal of 110 pints/day @80 degrees F/60%RH Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

  • 6.3 pints/kWh Efficiency
  • 6.4 Amp draw
  • Energy Factor of 3.0 L/kWh
  • Operating Range of 56F-95F (degrees)
  • MERV 11 Air Filter
  • Sized for up to 2500 Sq. Ft.
  • 20"W x 36"H x 17"L (110 lbs.)

Santa Fe Compact Features

Santa Fe Compact
  • Water Removal of 70 pints/day @80 degrees F /60%RH
  • 5.0 pints/kWh Efficiency
  • 5.1 Amp draw
  • Energy Factor of 2.4 L/kWh
  • Operating Range of 49F-95F (degrees)
  • MERV 8 Air Filter
  • Sized for up to 1800 Sq. Ft.
  • 12"W x 12"H x 21"L (55 lbs.)

Where Moisture Comes From

There are three main sources in your home, these include air leaks, diffusion through materials and internally generated moisture. 

Air can seep into your home through walls, roofs and floors and can have damaging effects on your home. Uncontrolled airflow can carry moisture which can lead to mold/indoor air quality problems and can drastically impact your home energy use. Another source is diffusion through materials which is a process by which vapor spreads or moves through permeable materials caused by a difference in water vapor pressure. The installation of a vapor barrier can help reduce the amount of moisture that makes its way into the crawl space and other areas of your home. A family of four produces on average two pints of water an hour, or up to 25 pints of water a day, simply by washing dishes, taking showers, cooking, and breathing.

Where Moisture Comes From

Source: Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

"Application-Specific" Design

The Santa Fe Classic was specifically designed for basements. The high-capacity (275 cfm) blower on the unit moves air in a way that no small conventional unit can. The Santa Fe Classic’s vertical configuration and flow-down design perform exceptionally well in basements, and provide options for installation that no other unit can match. The optional condensate pump and ducting kits provide the flexibility necessary for almost any application. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in basements as the Santa Fe Classic.

  • High Efficiency – Exceeds Energy Star® efficiency requirements.

  • Large Capacity – The large capacity Santa Fe Classic provides 110 pints per day of water removal at standard rating conditions.* Large-sized basements (up to 2500 sq. ft.) are no problem for the Santa Fe Classic.

  • Low Temperature Operation – Engineered for basements and the temperature and air flow issues that they present. When many conventional dehumidifiers have stopped removing water from the air, the Santa Fe Classic continues to protect your family and your home.

  • Superior Air Filtration – MERV-11 filtration is standard on the Santa Fe Classic, capturing particles (including mold spores) down to 1 micron in size. This superior level of air filtration also keeps the Santa Fe Classic working at peak efficiency for longer than other conventional dehumidifiers.

  • Auto Restart – Santa Fe dehumidifiers will automatically restart at the original setting after a power outage.

  • Optional Equipment – The engineers at Therma-Stor designed ducting kits and condensate pumps for use with the Santa Fe Classic. These optional kits provide the ultimate in flexibility for your specific installation requirements.