In many homes the attic space is the most neglected area. You will not have to look very hard to find issues if they are present.

Listed are a few items to be on the look out for.

Poor ventilation

Check that there are adequate vents in your attic. This allows for air to flow easily throughout the area.

Bathroom fans exhausting into the attic area

Verify all bathroom fans are vented out of the house with a properly installed vent through the roof or gable end and connected with insulated ducting.

Assess insulation condition

Make sure the insulation is sufficient, undamaged, and properly installed. A rating of R-50 is recommended.

Pest activity

 Check for common signs of rodent activity. Inclusive of damaged insulation or stored materials, droppings, and smells.

Mold presence

Typical signs of mold are discoloration on the wood roof decking and/or an unpleasant odor.