When choosing a contractor to rectify your mold and moisture issues,
there are several things to consider.

Here are a few recommendations that may help you make your decision easier:
1. Look for a company that is licensed to do mold assessments and mold remediation work.

2. Check reviews from reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau, Google
& Angie’s List. “A+” or “5 star” ratings preferred.

3. Check out the company’s website. Is it thorough and informative?

4. Will the company work with you to rectify all the issues?

5. Does the business have any outstanding lawsuits or liens that have been filed against them? (You can check with your state’s Attorney General’s office.)

6. Is the contractor available for any concerns or questions you may have?

7. What warranties are offered on the completed work?

8. Do they seem knowledgeable and honest?

9. Do they have General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance? This insurance policy protects you as the homeowner from incurring responsibility for an injury sustained on your property.

10. How long has the company been in business?

Any good contractor will be happy to answer any of these questions! Most will appreciate dealing with a client that takes such an active interest in finding quality service.

Go with your gut, you will find your perfect fit!